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Kepler Sticka-Jones

Starstuff Components

Status: active​​Role: creator, maintainer​​GitHub​​npm​​

Starstuff Components is a Minimalistic React Component Library. It provides a consolidated set of primitive components useful for React sites of every size, regardless of framework.


This library wants to stay out of your way. It provides some sensible defaults in the form of CSS and that’s about it. It doesn’t care about how you theme it, and doesn’t require any special pipelines. These components are exactly how they appear.

The most notable “theming” feature of these components is their automatic dark mode, triggered by CSS media query.


npm install starstuff-components


All components can be access via named exports on the starstuff-components package. Detailed examples for each component can be seen below.


import { Card } from "starstuff-components";

const CardExample = () => <Card />;


import { Hyperbutton } from "starstuff-components";

const HyperbuttonExample = () => (
  <Hyperbutton href="#">Test Hyperbutton</Hyperbutton>
import { Hyperlink } from "starstuff-components";

const HyperlinkExample = () => <Hyperlink href="#">Test Hyperlink</Hyperlink>;


Copyright 2019-2020 Kepler Sticka-Jones. Licensed ISC.