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Kepler Sticka-Jones


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Install jest(it needs Jest 21+) and jest-runner-tslint

yarn add --dev jest jest-runner-tslint

# or with NPM

npm install --save-dev jest jest-runner-tslint

Add it to your Jest config

In your package.json

  "jest": {
    "runner": "jest-runner-tslint",
    "moduleFileExtensions": ["ts"],
    "testMatch": ["**/*.ts"]

Or in jest.config.js

module.exports = {
  runner: "jest-runner-tslint",
  moduleFileExtensions: ["ts"],
  testMatch: ["**/*.ts"]

Run Jest

yarn jest


This project uses cosmiconfig, so you can provide config via:

  • a jest-runner-tslint property in your package.json
  • a jest-runner-tslint.config.js JS file
  • a .jest-runner-tslintrc JSON file

In package.json

  "jest-runner-tslint": {
    "cliOptions": {
      // Options here

or in jest-runner-tslint.config.js

module.exports = {
  cliOptions: {
    // Options here


jest-runner-tslint maps a lot of ESLint CLI arguments to config options. For example --fix is cliOptions.fix

option default example
fix false "fix": true
formatter "stylish" "formatter": "tap"
formattersDirectory null "formattersDirectory": "node_modules/custom-tslint-formatters/formatters"
rulesDirectory null "rulesDirectory": "path/to/rules" or "rulesDirectory": ["path/to/rules", "path/to/other"]