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Kepler Sticka-Jones

Archive From Minecraft Forums — Minecraft Forge Configuration File Grammar for the Atom Text Editor

Published July 10, 2015

Below is an archive of the post announcing the release of my Atom grammer for Minecraft Forge configuration files on the Minecraft Forums on July 10, 2015.

The original post can be found on Minecraft Forums.

I’ve created a language grammar for the configuration files created by Minecraft Forge. This will allow you to open a config file in GitHub’s Atom Editor with (mostly) full and complete syntax highlighting and section folding.

To Install:

  • Download the Atom Text Editor
  • Open your Settings
  • Install a package called: language-minecraft-forge-cfg

And TaDah! You have a fully hackable text editor which enriches your Modded Minecraft Configuration experience. To see a screenshot of the editor in action check out the screenshot in the attachments of this post.